The time price includes ship-rental, crew and fuel. The hourly rate is calculated from the time the ship is ordered, and to the last guest is on shore. A return departure from Kristiansand has to last a minimum duration of two hours.

M/S Maarten has passenger insurance onboard, but we do not accept any responsibility for any items left behind, or lost. As written in "The Maritime Code" Chapters § 6 and § 10.

We fully understand that each customer may have direct circumstances that makes them unable to go through with their planned program with us. However, because of the short and hectic season, this causes a direct loss for us if this is not reported to us well in advance. If the trip is canceled later than 14 days prior to departure, 50% of the boat hire costs, will have to be paid by you, and your party. If your event is canceled later than 4 days prior to departure, the whole hire and food order, will have to be paid in full.

Weather permitting we unfortunately cannot predict. The ship has a comfortable seating lounge, so in our experience, the trip can be just as successful even on the rainy days.

When booking a trip, there will be sent out a deposit of 50% for hire of the ship. An invoice for the remaining boat rental, food and drinks, will be sent after the tour is run. The invoice should be paid within 14 days, after receiving.

If you require a different meal, from what's on our menu, please feel free to contact us. We will try to accommodate your needs. Regulating of the number of place settings, must be made no later than three days before departure. All ordering of food must reach us no later than 7 days prior to departure. All prices
on food and drinks are included tax.

If you require other beverages than those we keep stock, please contact us. When it comes down to the serving of alcohol on our vessel, we have the same government regulations as restaurants do. This means that you under no circumstances are allowed to bring or consume any alcoholic beverages brought with you onboard. As the group leader, you have a moral responsibility to inform the passengers of this. Passengers who attend, and are visibly intoxicated, will be refused at the gangway. The captain serves the right to refuse to embark on your event, and the company's loss due to the interruption will be refunded by the customer.