Seafood buffet:
We serve the best of the sea. All prepared by master chefs. Just listen: marinated scallops, blushing shrimp, mussels in white wine, grilled scampi, salmon pepper and 3 – onion sild. Bread, butter, mayonnaise and garnish such as dill and lemon. This is served as a place setting per table, or as a standing buffet if the occasion arises. Price per setting NOK 580, -

Skårungens favorite dish: 

Simple and convenient - "Help yourself table" with shrimp, bread, mayonnaise, dill and lemon. Price per setting: NOK 370, - Additios for half a crab shell: NOK 390, -

The skippers cured meats:

Parma Ham, serano, salami, scrambled eggs, potato salad, bread and flat bread. A treat for everyone! Price per setting: NOK 470, -

Goodie Platter:

That little bit of everything! Marinated pork, homemade roast beef, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, beef patty, waldorf salad and a stunning seafood salad. Bread, butter and chocolate is included. Price per setting: NOK 370, -


Beef Stroganoff. A true pleasure! Served with rice, salad, dressing and french baguettes. Price per serving: NOK 350,-

The chowder is a true pleasure:

MS Maartens creamed fish soup is a little festival platter itself. In its warm depths await the loveliest little surprise. Bread and butter is conveniently included in the price. Priceper setting: NOK 290, -

We are happy to bring you, or anyone in your party already composed dishes if desired. Just let us know.

Dessert Proposals as follows:

Cheesecake, bløtkake or Napoleonskake: NOK 120,-
Danish: NOK 50,-
Strawberries with cream: NOK 105, -
Assorted fruits: NOK 80,-


Otherwise, we serve the following:
Baguettes with cheese/ham or shrimp/mayonnaise: NOK 120, - per baguette.
Half rolls with toppings: NOK 75, - per sandwich. 
Wheat Tortilla Roll stuffed with ham, cheese, crispy lettuce. Or a Tapas Inspired smoked salmon roll filled with scrambled eggs. (Equivalent to approximately 2 rolls) NOK 145, -.
Vegetables with dip: NOK 80, -




The boats white wine 1.1 fl. NOK 520, -. 
Boat red wine 1.1 fl. NOK 520,-. 
Boat sparkling wine 1/1 fl. NOK 540, -.

Soft drinks:
Mineral water 0.50 l NOK 50, -
Easy Sørlands beer 0.33. l NOK 50, -
Coffee: NOK 30, -

Beer / cider:
CB pils 0.33 l NOK 90, -
Cider 0.33 l NOK 100, - 

All prices are incl. 25% VAT.