M/S Maarten welcomes you aboard. We can offer you lots of cultural experiences, fun and adventure. The frame around all of this is located at sea, by our beautiful Southern Norwegian archipelago. M/S Maarten is very popular and is steady trafficking throughout the summer. We tailor any trip or business trip to fill the customer's needs. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!


A classic and popular representative trip is departing from the facilities of “Nupen”, or pier 6, where the journey is typically set out towards the scenery of” Randesund”. A highlight on this nautical excursion is sailing through Skippergada, a natural maritime canal between two islands. Along both sides of this narrow canal is quaint timber houses built around 1800 in the traditional southern style.

On the trip leading west, heading towards New Hellesund we head out throug Vestergabet and rounds Copper Spike. We go along the countryside to starboard and further out in the archipelago we find New Hellesund. The archipelago of Søgne consists of 1299 islands, islets and reefs and is today a popular place for boaters in the summertime.

Here we run across stretches of open sea and through narrow straits.

When the wind is blowing heavily, it can get pretty bad to drive over Kvåsefjorden. Here, through snowstorms and hurricane winds, people have attempted to rowe across the fjord in search of priests and midwifes. Many tours are still not forgotten, to this day.

The boating season is simply not over. Join M/S Maarten on a slightly different archipelago experience. We have several ideas about what it takes to ensure that your event will be memorable.

Harbour Round with a local guide

Around the harbor of Kristiansand we find many different businesses and large natural areas out on the islands.