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The employees working at M/S Maarten emphasizes that safety is important while on board. We spend a lot of resources on the ship so that it can maintain its good condition, and that the crew has approved education and courses.

M/S Maarten has the pre-approved safety equipment on board:

3 approved life rafts, for seating 165 people
Inergen system in the engine room
• Easily accessible fire extinguishers
Life jackets for all the passengers on board
VHF with callsign LNHF
Lift device if a person falls overboard
Life buoy, emergency flares

The ship is classified and approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate for passenger transport, for the trade areas:
3 areas which are in inshore speed, open stretches of ocean under 5 n.mil between the times of April 1, to September 30..
• 2 areas are in protected waters, from the timeframe October 1, to march 31.  

We have annual inspections from both the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and the Directorate for Civil Protection & Emergency. We also have inspections on the fire extinguishers, the electricity, VHF- security etc. Additionally, we are subject to the rules of the FSA and liquor license control.

There should always be two crew members on board:
• 1 skipper, with a coastal skipper certificate
• 1 host with the following courses: 50 courses ◦IMO
◦STCW-95 A-V/2 and V/3 Crowd and Crisis Management courses for seafarers on ro-ro passenger and other passenger ships with duties in emergency situations or with general safety onboard.
In addition, we have one to help with serving food and drinks when necessary.
• We have an internal safety course aboard, on occasion.

Protection & Indemnity (P&I) insurance Gard AS, this covers passengers and third party liability
Hull and Workers’ Compensation Insurance in IF-forsikring  

Technical data for M/S Maarten:
• Passenger Capacity 100 + 2 employees
Indoor seating: 72
Outside seating: 50
• knots: 10
In-depth: 2 meters
• Altitude: 10 meters
Length: 19.88 meters
• Width: 5.4 meters