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The archipelago surrounding Kristiansand offers typical outports, calm waters and a thriving boating experience. The trip leaving eastbound towards Lillesand, goes through the famousBlindleia,” here we experience old outports asUlvøysund” andBrekkestø,” both of which are known for their old, white, and southern style houses. On the westbound trip towards Mandal, we drive in through New Hellesund, and can go ashore at the coastal fort, dated from World War II 

Both the ship and crew are at your disposal, and they will happily take you where you want to go.

A classic and popular representative trip is departing from the facilities of “Nupen”, or pier 6, where the journey is typically set out towards the scenery of” Randesund”. Here we sail between islets and skerries towardsSkippergada.” A typical outport which offers a range of aligned houses and nice environment.

The trip can also go beyond, past the lighthouses of “Grønningen” andOksø” and carry on towardsPaulen” located on the island ofFlekkerøya.” This is a typical fishing port, and is incredibly charming. The return trip may take you towards “Bragdøya,” throughSteinsundet,” past the Veteran shipyard and back to the pier again

Ny-Hellesund coastal defense and culture
From pier 6, our journey heads westwards, through “Vestergabet” and rounds through “Kobbernaglen”. Langenes coming up on the starboard side and straight ahead is “Ny Hellesund”. InOlavsundet” we dock, and enjoy a nice meal in calm surroundings. After dinner, but before coffee, we recommend a scenic hike to the top of ”Helgøya”. If desired, you can book a guide in advance for the tour of “Heeres Kustenbatterie 21/979”, the last remaining and restored coastal fort from World War II. Here there are the tunnels, scenery, views and history, all in perfect harmony. Remember to bring flashlights. The duration of the trip is 3.5 hours.

and Lillesand
After departing, we mosey along Randesund heading out towards “Stanggabet.” “Kvåsefjorden” with the history of “Ulvøyis directly ahead. Outports, small boat traffic and the fresh sea air will offer a memorable experience for everyone. Moreover, the journey continues in the coastal fairway ofBlindleia,” heading towardsÅgerøya”, “Kjøbmannsvig” andBrekkestø.” A round trip to “Lillesand,” takes about 5 hours.

“Vestergabet” andMandal”
Set aside some time, and M/S Maarten is ready for a trip to Mandal. This is one of the most beautiful trips. From the pier we head out of “Vestergabet,” beyond “New Hellesund” and the archipelago of Søgne. Along the way, we will be happy to serve dinner and refreshments for our passangers.The journey continues towardsTånes” andStjernøya” and moseys along “Kleven,” before we dock right in the heart of the charming town of Mandal.

Weddings and
One of M/S Maartens’ most special events, is a sightseeing tour for the wedding guests. Often used while the couple is out taking their wedding photos. We can arrange a little extra attention for the guests when boarding, such as a red carpet entrance, flags and provide a meal for the guests. We can dock at private locations, but this must be cleared with the captain beforehand.

Courses and Conferences
On board we have the opportunity to arrange for the organizer to hold simple presentations. The lounge is an open plan-solution with rows of chairs and tables. We have loudspeakers on board and some technical aids can be arranged to suit your needs. Other uses may be when launching a product or when meeting a client. Common to this offer, is that it is carried out in a maritime setting.