Are you organizing meetings, conferences or just want to put together a social event? This summer, M/S Maarten is again ready to give you a unique archipelago experience. Together we can create exciting experiences that can be combined with Bragdøya Cultural Centre, the New Hellesund coastal defenses, or an exciting fishing trip in beautiful sceneries.

The archipelago surrounding Kristiansand offers typical outports, calm waters and a thriving boating experience. The trip leaving eastbound towards Lillesand, goes through the famousBlindleia,” here we experience old outports asUlvøysund” andBrekkestø,” both of which are known for their old, white, and southern style houses. On the westbound trip towards Mandal, we drive in through New Hellesund, and can go ashore at the coastal fort, dated from World War II 

M/S Maarten is ideal for groups with up to 100 people. The upper deck gives you the overview you need, and in the Cabin there are 70 comfortable seats at your disposal. The boat is equipped with large windows, which allows you to experience the sights from a warm atmosphere.

Although M/S Maarten has a large passenger capacity, the ship is not so large that it has any trouble to dock near your particular place of importance. That is why the boat is swell if you want to go ashore, only to be taken back later. M/S Maarten is also ideal for smaller groups.

The employees working at M/S Maarten emphasizes that safety is important while on board. We spend a lot of resources on the ship so that it can maintain its good condition, and that the crew has approved education and courses.